Rhett Rotten's Wall of Death

The Wall of Death is an experience of magic and myth. Within the wall, everything is magnified: from the sound of the bikes on the boards and the shouts of the fans above, to the smile on the face of Rhett Rotten, as he picks up speed, spinning round and round on his motorcycle.

In order to enter the Wall of Death, you step through a tiny door at the base of the motordrome and are swallowed by boards stacked high to the carnival canopy above. While at first menacing, the Wall of Death transforms, becoming as comfortable as the house of a favourite relative. With the bones of an original wall from 1938, it breaths history, wild stories and memories of those who dared to ride the wall and lived to tell the tale. Who better to live out those stories than Rhett Giordano? The rider and owner of the Wall feeds off the crowd‘s energy as he goes faster and faster, drifting higher and higher on the boards. Rhett is the Wall of Death – it's something he embraces wholeheartedly – overcoming fear and fulfilling his life's passion and purpose.

Few have ever ridden along the Wall’s vertical grade and even fewer still have mastered the planks. Nonetheless there's something familiar about it. Perhaps you've seen photos of riders or videos in old newsreels. The look and feel recall a different era of simpler times and cheap thrills that wowed crowds then and continue to wow crowds today.

Climb atop or climb aboard for the ride; the Wall of Death.

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