FTS Ladies Libertywear FT7114 - Women's "Kiss of Death" V-neck short sleeve - pink

Regular price $ 49.99

FT7114 (7225) - Women's fitted short sleeve pink V-neck top with a slight flair at the hips. The front bears a beautiful custom rhinestone bedazzled graphic features a stylized version of the traditional Full Throttle Rocker logo in relief which allows the pink of the garment to show through. Each rocker is outlined in crystal colored 'jewels' and "Full Throttle" and "Saloon" are printed in black with the same color jeweled accents. The skull is printed in white with crystal colored jewel accents.  Black roses and ribbons appear in the immediate background with graphite colored jewels.  Behind all this is a medium gray Lily of the Valley-esque design with gray "stripes" comprised of multiple lines radiating from the center. "Sturgis, SD" appears in black below the lower rocker.

The back of the shirt, which is not bedazzled, has the traditional Full Throttle Rocker logo printed in black.   Made in the USA

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